About Me

Hello dear,(there) I’m Veronica Shima Abraham Stuemke. I am Nigerian. I’m a daughter, then a sister, a wife, a friend and of-course i just became a blogger. “yayy” i’am glad having an opportunity to share a part of my life with an online community. I love any and everything light. And by any and everything light, i mean, the bright side of life. I am here to shine every single day, and hoping my work helps you have that for yourself. Hence the name SHIMALUMÍÉRE is birthed.

So, for endless high-fives, for fabulousity and awesomeness, please make yourselves comfortable…As a matter of fact, grab yourself a glass of water, for you will get to know who this stranger is as time shall permit us.!!!

I was inspired to create this blog base on pain and event of the past, i know my past doesn’t equate my future.

My mission, is to be able to become a resource  to others through my passion. Also, to be able to convey inspirational message through style and content, that would enable me stay true to myself using a minimal special mode with a twist.A vision to be able to help anyone achieve a life they want for themselves. I believe in the law of attraction therefore, I believe no one should ever apologize for doing anything that puts a smile on someone else’s face

Shimalumiere is not only focus on fashion, but also a fraction of some of our day-to-day life activities. Shimalumiere is going to involve a community of interested supportive women with expectations. One of the best part of learning for me, is to be able to give back what I have to learned.

With that being said, please feel free to be a critic. But, remember “Criticism is the disapproval of people not having faults, but having faults different from yours.”

In conclusion, i am certainly ok without a cushion under hard truths that is because, i know that clarity necessitate greatness and honesty they say comes from love.

xoxo, Shima.