Colonial Living, And Still Maintaning Ties With Homeland. ROOTS!!!

August 25, 2017 Shimalumiere 10 comments.

  1. When tradition gathers enough strenght to go on for centuries, you don’t just turn it off one day.”Chinua Achebe”

I always would tell the 21st century child that I’d never trade my childhood, for the kind of childhood they have now. And I don’t mean that in a bad way. I infact,mean it in the most honest way possible. No negative pun intended. The things I was privileged to have, see and experience as a child, not many kids these days can stand it. From the likes of eating from the calabash, drinking from the stream, to raising basin of water by oneself when no one is at the stream to help you, to walking back home with that basin on your head from miles away.I could go on & on. (Many refer to it as pain & suffering) I say it’s all that put together that has sharpened & shaped me to fit into the society I live in today. It is said that struggle breeds strength. I’m incessantly thankful to God for my father, for not only giving up his entire adulthood but also, retiring at quite a young age, just so he brings us back home to learn about our roots. I.e learning to (farm & harvest yam) “side jokes but true” 🙂 He always would say, I did all of this so even if i’m no more you can tell people confidently about who you are & where your from without having to flinch. So you won’t be denied of your rights instead be celebrated of your lineage.

I grew up in a place & generation where almost everybody was a story teller but nobody wrote. It was an African norm. Story telling was a tradition itself. Everyone had a story to tell in the village at every night gathering.. The anticipation for full moon was the fun part of everything. Full moon was when festivals kicks in. People got married in the cause, others met their hearthrobs & fell in love, games were played,cultural dances at its best,so many activities to partake in. This was usually the appropriate time for celebrating the TIV creativity through the KWAGH-HIR festival. The kwagh-hir festival is one that is endowed with a rich and diverse cultural heritage, which finds expression in the colourful cloths, exotic masquerades, sophisticated music and dances of the people that narrates stories, through the use of puppets and marionettes. Believe me when I say it is usually quite an eventful evening.

I try not as much as possible to not condemn another tradition or culture because, i’m meant to understand that when you learn about the teaching and practice of another tradition, you’d always have the chance to understand your own teaching and practice.
In modern day, science and technology has revolutionised our lives, but memory tradition and myths is still what restraint our response……… “Winston Churchill” quoted, that without Tradition, art is a flock of sheep without a shepherd. And without innovation, it is a corpse…..

It is always a pleasure when I have to tell a story that’s needs me referring back to my tradition and
culture. It often gives me closure. The best way to fight an alien and oppressive culture, is to embrace your own. It is key to know where you are from, that way, you’d know where you are headed. Never have I met an Asian or a Latin American who doesn’t know about their history, tradition or origin of where they’re from.

I’m proud of my heritage, culture, customs, myths & tradition. I am proud to be an African. I try to live everyday by the teachings of culture. Teaching they say it’s a noble profession that shapes the caliber, character of an individuals future.

When I got the idea to shoot this photos, it was just me reminiscing on my culture, & decided heck why not reminisce with photos in place.

So dear lovelies, by imbibing too much of the western world culture & lifestyle, let’s not forget to embrace ours by always reminding ourselves of who we are. If you are one among those that stutters when being asked about thier culture, I hope this post inspires you to go ask questions & be enlightened about your origin incase you didn’t know.

Do leave a comment about what fascinates you most about your tradition, share any memories. I’d love to know & learn a thing or two about another tradition.

Follow your dreams, chase the papers, travel the world, stay winning, remain positive but never forget who you are & where you’re from. Stay true to your origin.
Until my next post,

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Xoxo Shima!!

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  1. Interesting, a man without culture is a dead being. Every road has its storm but the end Justifies and it’s worth it. Nice writeup my Shima nice pix

  2. Wonderful piece sis..i believe in you….i also believe this is your best blog yet..you amaze me all day every day….blessings hon

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