In My Unconventional Sense Of Style,exploring!!!

July 10, 2017 Shimalumiere 3 comments.

White is associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, and virginity. It is considered to be the color of perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness. As opposed to black, white usually has a positive connotation”………


Many kept pondering and asking why I chose all white to ride in a ferry with over a 100 persons and coming off a city sorrounded all by water. And everytime my response will be, white signifies cleanliness and it will be safe to say it symbolizes unity. I remember even telling a lady who just fell in love with how I came out repping the white outfit lovers community that my choice of attire suggests simplicity(Widegrin). It was my first time visiting Venice Italy, and i didn’t want to look anything less simple et classy, exploring the luxurious beautiful scenic city.



No one has ever gotten it wrong with white.


Traveling to Venice Italy is one experience that wont be forgotten in a hurry. It’s a memory that will linger on for a long while. I certainly made the most of my short stay. Your visit to Venice will be incomplete without visiting the Venetian lagoon. And when you do visit the lagoon please endeavour to visit, Burano Murano and Torcello. To enjoy the most of your trip, take a ferry with other travelers or tourist, so you get to share and hear others experience on travel.

Murano is known for its vibrant glassware, while Burano is a visually colourful island town known for its fine lacemaking. This small town offers some of the best lace making craft of the world. You can see nimble fingers of ladies in action weaving beautiful patterns of laces right in front of your eyes. A lace museum. There’re plenty houses of choices to buy from. Apart from lace the island is also known for colourfully painted houses and a leaning bell tower.
It’s about 6-7 kms from Venice. 17th century structure dotting the skyline of Burano. I was full of delight walking around and seeing all the quaintly painted houses. Oh, did I mention that the people were the sweetest ever? Ohhh yes they are.

When I was preparing for my trip to Italy I made sure to shop the look for every where I had wanted to go. I already listed down the places I’d love to visit. I picked my Burano outfit from Orsay.com knowing fully well that the only colour that was going to be missing out was white. (Insidejokes)I actually saw pictures of burano on Instagram. I urge you to visit the Venetian lagoon when ever you get the chance to visit Europe and Italy. Thank me later.

Until my next post, your front-runner baby blogger Shima.xoxo

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