Many Reasons Why You Should Atleast Visit Jos Once!!!

June 18, 2017 Shimalumiere 9 comments.

I travel not to cross countries off a list, but to ignite passionate affairs with destination. “THE CULTURER”

I become really mushy everytime I listen to my beloved dad tell stories about Jos. I will usually just seat and pay attention like it’s Tales by moonlight. There were often times i’d wish for an undending tale….. My love for Jos encompasses a lot. I cherish every bit of my childhood in Jos.My dad retired from his work at quite an early age and relocated back to his home town to learn more about his people, culture & tradition. As all his life has been away from home. But as a man who has an ability to demonstrate and recognize or draw fine distinctions, he made sure he package and took a souvenir along with him. (My Mom) “Sharp Man.” Wink.

Dad did not only find love in Jos as he was also blessed with heir and inheritrix.(Sweet) I know right. (Smile) Well, I would have love to go on and on about dad, (Happy Father’s Day daddy) only that this post isn’t about him but about my beautiful Jos the home of peace and tourism even though,many would want to argue it isn’t anymore. Yes Plateau state has had its fair share of tragedy in the past. And just like everybody, we all have a past and no body likes to dwell in their past especially when it isnt a pleasant past but a nightmare. Jos has suffered a severe injury that didn’t seem like it will heal but, just look at God. There’s been an amazing awakening in the city. Jos has resuscitated like it never fell and doing even better. Believe me when I say JOS isn’t leaving on past glory as many would say.


Plateau is a state in the Middle Belt region of (northern) Nigeria.It has a population of about 900,000 occupants. Now this is based on the 2006 census by my findings. Jos is the capital of plateau state and popularly known as J-town. It’s the 12th largest city in Nigeria.A lot of people  often ask if I was from Abuja as it’s the capital of Nigeria. Many didn’t know that Abuja its only about a 110-111 miles to Jos.

Jos enjoys a more cooler temperate climate than every other state in the rest of Nigeria. Average monthly temperatures ranges from 21–25degrees. From mid-November to late January,  temperatures drop to as low as 11 degrees night-time. Hailstones sometimes falls during the rainy season. I think I can take pride in saying since Nigeria as a country was colonized, Jos is a favourite holiday location for both tourists and expatriates visiting Nigeria. Many who have already visited would agree.

As I was on my quest to discovering more beautiful places in the city, I was Priviledge to visit a small village called miango located in one among the 17 local government area of Bassa. The Village has a population of about 20,000 people 50% which are more of women and children. The natives of this village are the irigwe people.There are a lot of  attractions in the village like water falls, high hills, a rest home etc. In the early 1900s the Missionaries came to the region and established the Miango Rest Home close to the ENOS HOSPITAL, the only humongous licensed hospital in the community which started its operations in 2011. Christianity was brought to the region by ECWA missionaries who also built churches and a couple of schools.

With all of this being said, I will leave you to do some research for your self. Here are some of my favorite things about Jos and why it should be a number in your bucket list when visiting Nigeria and a number while traveling among states in the country.

1. The cool weather Ofcourse :). The fresh air.
2. The fresh Fruits and Vegetables (Jos is the only state in Nigeria that grows apples,strawberry) e.t.c
3. The highlands. Mountain, rocks I mean,reason why it’s called the “PLATEAU” right.
4. There’s a film Institute
5. Varieties of delicacies (consisting of about 26-27 distintive tribes)
6. Tourism, Sightseeing.
7. The warm & accommodating heart of the people
8. Three to four number of water falls
Location with nature one is only allowed to dream about. 🙂
9. The safari wildlife park.

Jos has spawn quite a number of great notable elite in the country & the world at large. From great artist to movie Stars.

Until my next post, thanks for stopping  by.

Shimalumiere 🙂

9 Replies to “Many Reasons Why You Should Atleast Visit Jos Once!!!”

  1. I took my time to read through everything because u r special to me. Aside friendship this piece is universally good. I see u substiting Linda oh. Babes u write really well. Graciaskudos . Am ur number1 fan.

  2. Good one.!!.. I would like to do a follow up on why the people and government of Plateau State need to wake up from their deep sleep and slumber as it may seem that they have not realized the bountiful blessing that have been bestowed on the land….

  3. I absolutely love Jos, though the only time I got to be there was in high school (boarding) which didn’t give me the chance to explore, except during excursions. I hope the government realizes the immense beauty of such a blessed state and does the needful for tourism to thrive once more. You have such a stunning body and impeccable style! Totally love your blog

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